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8th August 2018

Supply of external storage battery with UPS, constitutes as 'Mixed Supply'

In the case of Switching Avo Electro Power Ltd. (2018) 96 taxmann.com 106 (AAAR-West Bengal), the Appellant Authority for Advance Ruling upheld the ruling of Authority for Advance Ruling that when the storage battery or electric accumulator is supplied separately with the static converter (UPS), it would be considered as a mixed supply or not naturally bundled supply.

Here the appellant contended that the UPS cannot function without battery as the same is an integral part of UPS and it is naturally bundled and supplied in conjunction with each other, therefore the supply of static converter along with the external battery should be considered as a composite supply and not mixed supply.

However, the AAAR opined that the when a UPS is supplied with built-in batteries in a manner that the supply of the battery is inseparable from the supply of the UPS, and the two items are 'naturally bundled' then it should be treated as a composite supply under Section 2(30) of the CGST Act, but when the storage batteries having multiple uses is supplied with the static converter i.e. UPS, it cannot be said that they are naturally bundled even if the same is supplied under a single contract at a combined single price. Therefore the supply of external storage battery supplied with UPS would be considered as a 'mixed supply'.